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Radiant HeatersRadiant Heaters

Infrared radiant heaters are fast responding and a very efficient source of radiant energy. With heat-up capabilities of 45 to 50 seconds, and complete cool down in approximately 15 seconds, this is an ideal heating device for use in applications where frequent line stoppage is expected or immediate heat-up and cool down is essential.

Performance Capabilities

  • Operating temperature up to 1600º F ( 870º C).
  • Sheath watt densities up to 60 watts per linear inch.
  • Medium Wave / Medium Intensity.

Radiant HeatersFeatures

  • Quick delivery on replacement elements means less down time waiting for parts.
  • Terminal ends are available for virtually every enclosure.
  • Ceramic end caps are bonded to the end of the quartz tubing to provide a rigid support for terminations.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Quick heat-up and cool down.
  • High operating temperatures permit fast thermal processes.
  • No glare.
  • A clean thermal energy source.


  • Thermoforming.
  • Shrink packaging.
  • Vulcanizing and curing rubber.
  • Laminating.
  • Sealing.
  • Fusing processes.
  • Sterilizing.
  • Space heaters.
  • Drying processes (coatings, textiles, photos, and sand core castings).
  • Electrostatic copy equipment.

Technical Data

  • For a longer operating life and more efficient heating, quartz heating applications should be rated around 35 to 45 watts per linear inch.
  • Quartz heaters are designed for horizontal use only.
  • The translucent quartz tube provides an infrared wave length at an energy peak of 2.5 to 4.0 microns, when operating at full voltage, and is suitable for most industrial applications.

Two notes of caution

  • White cotton gloves should be worn when handling quartz elements. Touching the elements with bare hands can leave oil and dirt from the skin and contaminate the quartz sheath causing hot spots and premature failure.
  • Quartz heaters must not be operated in the presence of combustible materials, such as vapors, gases or other flammable materials without proper ventilation.

Radiant Heat Advantages

  • High Efficiency - Radiant Energy is created to directly heat the product.
  • Lower initial cost - easy installation & maintenance reduces equipment cost.
  • Close Product Temperature Control-Radiant Heaters can be “zoned” to provide high heat in one area & low in another.
  • Cleaner environment - no product contamination because air circulation in an infrared oven is minimal. Powder coatings & light weight materials are quickly heated due to low volume of air & low velocities.

Outside diameter (Nominal/Actual):
3/8"inch/0.394 inch
1/2" inch/0.512 inch
5/8"inch/0.630 inch

Radiant Heaters

Available Lengths:
8'' inches to 100'' inches

-Standard Terminations-

Ceramic End Caps:
3/8" tube: 3/8" inch dia. x 1/2" inch long
(shoulder ceramics)
1/2 " tube: 3/4" dia. x 1/2" inch long
5/8" tube: 15/16" inch dia. x 1/2" inch long

Radiant Heaters Type T
Threaded Terminal
8-32 Standard
10-32 Available
Radiant Heaters Type FZ
Flexible Lead
6” Standard
Radiant Heaters Type F
Flag Terminal
Standard on Quartz Tubes for Panels
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