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Strategic Sourcing Across Industries.


Are you looking for a strategic sourcing solution for your industry? Then look no further than Fancher and Associates, Inc. We are a stock distributor that works with manufacturers to provide inventory of heaters, sensors, and controls exactly when you need them.

No industry is too small or too large for our services. Here are just some of the industries we serve:

Why Choose Us.


At Fancher and Associates, Inc., we have over 100 years of combined experience in the industrial and process control field. Our approach is to find the best quality at the lowest price for each of our customers. Sourcing issues can cause major halts in manufacturing and we understand that; which is why we go above and beyond for our customers. From order management to the final leg of logistics, our team is dedicated to stocking and delivering heaters, sensors, and controls at the right price and the right time.

With an extensive on-hand inventory and an authorized repair and instrumentation modification facility, we are positioned to make sure your company wins!

At Fancher and Associates, Inc., we take our role as manufacturer’s representative and stock distributors seriously, so you can do what you do best in your industry; provide superior products and service to your customers. Call us today for a free strategic sourcing strategy and become part of the family!

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