Tubular Heaters.

Tubular heating elements, the most versatile of all types, are used for practically the entire range of electric resistance heating applications. The material rapidly conducts the heat from the coiled resistor to the metal sheath and puts the heat where it is required. With stock available to meet an unlimited variety of applications, our representatives can quickly meed your needs.


Screw Plug Immersion Heaters.

Screw plug immersion heaters are used by the process heat industry for a wide range of applications. This type features a broad selection of screw plug sizes, wattage, materials and junction box types. Screw plug heaters may be threaded directly into a sufficient tank wall or used with a companion coupling.


Flange Heaters.

Flange heaters consist of hairpin tubular elements welded or brazed into an ANSI pipe flange & provided with wiring boxes for electrical connections. Designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels, flange heaters are commonly used for heating gases & liquids such as water, oil, heat transfer fluid, and corrosive solutions.


​Cartridge Heaters

These Cartridge heaters have been developed to exceed the performance and durability of other cartridge heaters. Through refinements in the swagging process, specially designed cores,careful selection of magnesium oxide fill,and nickel chromium resistance wire,stainless steel tubing,and carefully controlled production processes, HOTRODS routinely outperform other cartridge heaters in difficult applications.


Band Heaters

For cylindrical surfaces, band heaters are manufactured in various styles depending on the conditions and applications. We stock the most common types such as; flexible heaters, Mighty-Tuff band heaters (also in ceramic), Aluma-Flex band heaters, and Micaband heaters plus many more. Not sure which type is best for your application? Then give us a call and a representative will gladly assist.


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